For Validators

I am a validator. How do I get stake from Socean?

The best (and only!) way to get stake from Socean is to operate a high-performing validator that is not in either the minimum security group or minimum security datacenter group.
At the current time, validators that have more than ~3.3 million active stake are in the minimum security group.
At the moment, any validator with more than 3.328 million active stake is in the MSG.
Validators that belong to 16509-IE-Dublin, 16509-JP-Tokyo, or 24940-DE-Falkenstein are in the minimum security datacenter group. We will not stake to any of these validators.

Self-Stake Requirement

Validators also need to have at least 100 SOL self-staked. This means that there must be at least one fully-activated stake account with 100 SOL which has the same withdraw authority as the validator’s vote account. Validators that fail to meet this criteria will be unstaked immediately by the Socean pool. The stake used to meet the self-stake requirement can overlap with that used to meet the Solana Foundation’s. The requirements for self-staking may increase or decrease over time (with adequate warning).
Apart from that, there are no requirements from validators. If your node performs well and meet the criteria, you will get stake, period.