Socean is a stake pool for the Solana blockchain. The goals of the Socean stake pool are to:
  1. 1.
    unlock the value of staked SOL for use in the Solana ecosystem
  2. 2.
    improve staking returns for our users
  3. 3.
    increase the ease of monitoring and managing stake
  4. 4.
    incentivize and reward validators in a meritocratic and transparent manner
  5. 5.
    increase decentralization and censorship-resistance, without compromising Sybil-resistance
Socean will eventually transition to becoming a fully-autonomous, data-driven, algorithmic stake pool.


Q3 2021

  • Testnet launch (end July)
  • Validator onboarding
  • Mainnet launch (mid August)
  • Announcement of partnerships
  • Integrations with wallets and DeFi projects

Q4 2021

  • Governance structure and tokenomics
  • Liquidity and lending farming rewards
  • More dashboard features
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